When you are going to buy your own website, it is important that you know a series of vital factors when acquiring it or starting the development process.

There are a number of concepts that you must be very clear, so that whoever is in charge of your development knows that you know about the subject.

Thanks to the multiple tools that exist on the internet you can also create your own website; However, it is best to get web development and graphic design professionals to start your project.

Why you need to create a professional website for your business?


Hello and let answer the question: do i need a website for my business?

And how to create a professional website for small businesses and freelancers. If you haven't done it before, creating a website can be an arduous task.

But do not worry, we will help you to choose the website that best suits your needs and possibilities and we will reveal the time and money you will need to get it going.

If you are interested in selling online, take a look at our detailed guide to create an online store.

Let's start with the big question:

1. Why does my business need a professional website?

If you lived in the fifties, would you wonder if your store needs a physical store to sell things? It is easy to see that having a sign with your name on top of a shop window has a lot of advantages, regardless of the service or product you offer.

Of course you can rely only on the mouth / year, from your customers, but if you want the business to grow really, you need a website, for several things, as before you needed a counter and a showcase:

  • Clearly show what your business is about.
  • It helps you gain visibility and customers.
  • It is a great promotional tool that can be easily shared.
  • It allows you to connect with your audience and your customers.
  • Show your contact information so they can find you easily.
  • It gives you credibility and professional image.

It allows you to sell products online directly (when it comes to electronic commerce).

Okay, I'm convinced! And now you still wonder - do i need a website for my business?

It's time to decide what kind of website you want. To simplify we have divided it into two categories: the simple and the complex. Your choice will greatly determine how much the site will cost you and how much time you will need to create it.

Site type Simple Complex
Number of pages 1 - 40 1 - 100
Templates Ready for use. Limited customization options. Several lists for use, in addition to others fully customizable.
Estimated completion time 3 - 7 days Several weeks, or even months.
Estimated Budget From $ 7.50 US to $ 15 US per month From $ 700 US to $ 1,500 US if you hire a professional. And between $ 6 US and $ 25 US per month in hosting.
Hosting Included (cloud hosting) You need to hire your own hosting space
Proper solutions Wix, Jimdo or Weebly WordPress, Drupal or Joomla

As you can see, for a simple website it is best to use a website creator such as Wix and Jimdo that are splendid tools for informative websites.

Basically a page that shows what you do and where to find you, although they can also do much more.

They are fast and very easy to use, among other things, because they allow you to buy domain name, hosting and professional email on the same site. Some even offer you all-in-one packages.

But you also have other solutions for more complex projects, these are Content Managers or CMS, such as the famous WordPress.

These systems are better if you want to make an important site in which you have complete control over appearance and style, ability to expand it over time and other advanced options such as the use of several languages.

Logically they require certain technical knowledge (or at least free time to seek help in forums).

I already have the list of things I need for my website 

Can I add them to my business website?

Technically yes, but keep in mind that some solutions are easier and cheaper than others. We show you the essentials to create a professional website:

  • Your own domain name.
  • Email accounts (eg
  • Designs with professional look.
  • SEO options (to improve web positioning).
  • Templates that adapt to mobile devices.
  • Contact Form.
  • Integration in social networks.
  • Technical support.
  • Option to incorporate an online store.
  • Ashray Infotech Company analysis of the main website creators can give you an idea of ​​where to start.

What about the legal issue with business website?

We admit it, we are not experts in legislation, so if the topic is important to you, it is better to consult an expert. But we can tell you that there are three things that you will need when creating your professional website:

Have a registered business. The easiest is to register as a self-employed worker (or equivalent).

Provide a Privacy Policy. The requirements may be different depending on the part of the world in which you are, but the content will be basically the same: what information you collect (eg email from your visitors) and how you share it; how the information that users give you appears and how they can change it; Policy date, description and updates.

Offer clear terms and conditions. Explaining well what users can or cannot do. In general, keywords, user rights and their responsibility for using the website are detailed. Although it is not legally mandatory, this text may limit your legal responsibilities in case a user sues you in court.


Since Ashray Infotech specializes in helping people choose the perfect website creator for them, over the years we have seen enough sites to know what works and what doesn't.

Make a professional website that stands out. If you do a little research on your competitors you will surely see that many professional sites are quite similar to each other. That's why it's a good idea to make your website stand out a bit.

The brand is everything.

And we are not just referring to a good slogan, you need a powerful image for your site based on quality photographs, adequate typography and a professionally made logo.
Show your human side.

A picture of you or your team has more strength than you think. Remember that you are building trust among your users and people like to do business with people, not with anonymous brands.

It offers quality content. Avoid the technical talk and images of an artificial-looking photobank.

Ashray Infotech knows it takes time and effort, but make sure you correct the texts and add images, videos, graphics, etc.

Links in social networks and contact forms are very useful. They create trust and improve communication with the user.

Test your site on mobile devices. In many cases, most traffic comes from mobile devices (eg tablets and smartphones) so make sure your website looks good on these.

Do you need the visitors to your website for your business ?!

Of course you do!

Ashray Infotech helps to attract visitors to your website.

There are many answers on this topic, although it could be said that they are summarized in two:

With paid traffic: this is where the advertising appears. You can use Google AdWords, Facebook or similar marketing services.

Through organic traffic: this is how visitors to your page from social networks, email marketing or SEO are known.

Oh, and since we talk about it, SEO is something very, very important in online marketing, so we suggest you see our complete guide, to make the most of it.

So, what are the main factors that you should take into account if you need a website for your business, foundation, etc.?

We will list the following:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting or Web Storage
  3. Request the Help of a Professional
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Programming and Development
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Presence in Social Networks

1. Business website domain name: The answer to your question is in this first numeral.

If you want to have your own website, the first thing you should do is buy a domain. In the post How to buy a web domain? Ashray Infotech explains how to do it and how easy it is.

 A domain is essentially the name of your web page.

If your business is called "Best Store"; Then, you must buy a domain with the following name: www(.)beststore(.)com.

The first step in registering a domain is to search for a reliable and secure domain registrar; such as: GoDaddy.

Once, you are there, check the available domain names, along with their extensions (.com, .org, .net).

2. Web hosting: Web hosting (web storage) is of the utmost importance, when you have already registered your domain you must hire a hosting service that allows you to store the files and images of your web page.

Some domain registrars also provide web hosting service; However, there are other internationally recognized companies that you can hire online.

In the article "Guide to Choose a Hosting Service" Ashray Infotech gives you much more information about the points to consider to choose a secure, reliable and accessible hosting service.

hospitality plans

3. Request the help of a professional: Websites made to high standards tend to cost a little more, since they require time to develop them.

In the same way it happens with the most experienced designers; You will pay more, but the results will be as expected or much better.

4. Website graphic design: Graphic design is one of the most relevant points of your website, hire the services of a graphic designer who has experience and who greatly understands your idea.

Hire a person who focuses their efforts on making graphic design fulfill your mission, whether it is selling, attracting customers, capturing contact forms, etc.

5. Website programming and development: If your site will be self-administered or requires that it fulfill a specific function, then you will need the services of a programmer, this is responsible for building the functionalities of the website.

A professional developer will give you a guide on the programming language to use, database, content platform (WordPress, Joomla and Content Management Systems in General).

6. Website search engine optimization: it is important to optimize your website, not to appear in the top of the search engines, since that takes time; but so that they can easily find each of the internal pages and sections of your website.

An experienced developer will help you with this task, relying on google tools such as Google Webmasters Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools.

It is not necessary to hire the independent services of an SEO; Even you can learn the basics of search engine optimization yourself, with a little time and effort.

Optimized Results vs. Payment Results

In the publication 10 SEO tricks that will blow your website you can find some ideas to position your website quickly.

7. Business presence in social networks: although having a presence in social networks is important, we must know which ones are appropriate for our business (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), distinguish which will be your work exclusively, since You know your business, rely on your programmer for the integration of these on your website.

To make your page successful ...
Lean on people who have the experience required to meet the requirements.

Do not skimp on resources that are good for the creation of a professional website.

Ashray Infotech recommends you read: Web Hosting for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurships. There I talk about the web hosting service that I use and that will also help you for your project.

Do you need a website for your business?

All right…

You are overloaded with information, right?

It usually happens when we want to get information about something we urgently need and that we have discovered that it is the missing piece in the puzzle of the solution to the problem we have.

In this case, the problem is not having a web page.

Can you create a web page yourself? Yes, if you know how to use the available tools and are willing to take a good couple of months to learn the notions of HTML and other markup languages.

The question would be, can you afford to use that time to learn how to build a professional website?

If you do not have the time, I suggest you hire a professional (which by the way, I dedicate myself to this full time).

I also emphasized that you do not need the services of a positioning expert, which does not mean that it helps to help people who know how to implement Internet standards so that your site goes higher in search engines (believe me this process can become in a headache).

I hope this brief clarification has cleared your mind a bit.

Before you go your way, I want to let you know that you can contact us via our Facebook Business page Ashray Infotech.

(If you have a business or are thinking about having it, we hope we helped you with the question: do i need a website for my business!).